Dad Is Dying Blog Response

I think that Sam’s lie positively impacts those around him in the story “Dad is Dying” because when everybody thinks that Dave is dying, they give him compliments and make him feel good, and so he stops worrying about wrinkles and heart rate all the time. Another benefit it made was that it made his dad more cheerful and so Dave and Morley got along much better than before. I don’t think the benefits outweigh the issue of the lie itself, because there was a lot of things that happened that were funny for the reader but would be very embarrassing for Sam and his family, like when Morley said they weren’t going to waste money on a funeral and just dump the body in the backyard. This would be pretty shocking to anyone if they thought Morley was talking about Dave Another example is the time when she said that they were just going to “put him down” and when Bruce stated that it would be mostly Dave’s decision, she said that she could choose for herself and that men didn’t have all the right, to Bruce’s astonishment. This is horrifying to Bruce because he thinks Morley’s talking about putting Dave down without his permission, which would be quite shocking- if I was Bruce I may have even told the police. Also, I think that when everybody really does find out about the lie, they will be very mad at Sam for doing this, and especially the ice cream girl who had been giving him giant ice cream cones. If she found out she would probably want money for the giant cones she had given for free, and she would be pretty mad. I’d be mad if I was her. After all, Sam did use her to get free ice cream. All in all, I don’t think the benefits of the lie outweigh the issue of the lie itself.

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