Statement Disagreement Blog Post =)

I disagree most with the statement ‘Pretending to be someone you’re not makes you a weak person’. Acting like another person doesn’t make you weak at all, in fact it causes you to experience things that may be very hard to take in, in which case you have to be strong. Actors pretend to be other people all the time, so are they weak people? Exactly, they aren’t. You can also pretend to be people for your own fun, like dressing up on Halloween in costumes. It’s still not being weak if you are trying to be someone else to hide from yourself, but if this is happening, try to be yourself because you should be proud of who you are. All in all, I highly disagree with this statement.

Eminent Speech Story Arc

My Eminent Person: Steve Jobs

Exposition: Introducing Jobs, started Apple computer in 1976 with Wozniak, huge success


Conflict: Next few Apple products had severe design flaws


Rising Action #1: IBM surpasses Apple in sales


Rising Action #2: Apple releases Macintosh in 1984, but despite positive sales, it’s not IBM compatible


Rising Action #3: CEO John Sculley thinks that Jobs is hurting Apple


Climax: Steve Jobs was fired from Apple


Falling Action #1: Steve Jobs created NeXT Inc, and also purchased an animation company that later became Pixar from George Lucas.


Falling Action #2: Pixar was very successful, netting $4 billion whereas NeXT wasn’t doing so well.
Resolution: Apple bought NeXT in 1996 and Steve Jobs returned as CEO of Apple