Annotated Bi-BLOG-raphy =)


This site provided a nice overview of Steve’s life and helped me with the major events in his life, and lots of new info I could work with.


Again, this site helped me with more major events in Steve’s life and provided some more in-depth information than the previous site.


This site helped me lots with the details on how Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and how he came back, which is very important in his life.


This site helped me with Steve’s death, and the pancreatic cancer that caused in his death, and how Steve tackled this problem.


This site told me about how Steve Jobs started NeXT before he returned to Apple, and it told me of the time before Steve’s legendary return to Apple.


This news article told me all about how Steve Jobs impacted the world with Pixar, and how successful Pixar is today, thanks to Mr. Jobs.


This site told me about how Apple was similar and/or different from Apple 2 years after Jobs’ death, and this helped me with how Apple is faring without Steve Jobs.


This site helped me figure out how exactly Steve Jobs stumbled upon John Sculley, and why John Sculley was chosen to be CEO of Apple.


Kahney, Leander. Inside Steves brain. Portfolio/Penguin, 2012.


This book helped me with how Steve really thought and it went past how we people portrayed him, but I didn’t have enough time to carefully read through the entire thing, so I ended up skimming over it.



Note: I used other sites, but these ones helped me the most

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