Night of the Notables Document of Learning w/ Reflection

For my first eminent project ever, it definitely wasn’t as stressful and difficult as I had thought. Part of the reason for this may have been because I actually enjoyed myself throughout the project, and I enjoyed learning about Steve Jobs.


First things first, I’ll start with my speech. I am satisfied with my performance, and happy that I was able to get a laugh out of my audience multiple times. However, when I re-watched my own speech through the video taken, I saw that my face was really red due to anxiousness.


Next up, my eminent interview. I was able to interview one of the senior hardware engineers of Apple Inc., who works at Apple’s main office in California: Yindar Chuo. He gave me very useful insight on Mr. Jobs that I didn’t know before. Although I couldn’t directly incorporate the feedback I got to my questions tangibly into my learning centre, I was able to answer many, many more questions people had than I would have if I hadn’t conducted the interview. In the end, I am very happy I was able to get an eminent interview; because of the insight I got into how Steve Jobs and Apple work.


Leading on, now you have my learning centre. I had a poster board with a brief timeline of Mr. Jobs’ life, and pictures decorating the timeline. On the 2 side folds of the trifold board, I had inspirational quotes along with a few other pictures highlighting Steve Jobs. Along with my poster board, I had an iMac, iPad, iPod and iPhone set on display in various areas, but I have to say the iMac caught most of the attention thanks to the large size and sleekness.


Besides the poster board and various Apple products, I had wires, circuit boards, breadboards, and other various circuit components to create the feel of Steve’s garage when Apple Computer was first created. My interactive was a build-a-circuit station where I got people to attempt to create a successful circuit, which you could tell if the LED light turned on. Despite the many people that tried, only 2 prevailed in actually building the circuit correctly, which surprised me, leading me to wonder whether I should do something simpler next year. Last of all I had some printed documents that Steve Jobs wrote, and a pencil and pens lying on the paper to look like he was writing stuff down.


I was very happy that I got lots of people who wanted to look at my learning centre, but I probably should have put up ‘Please Refrain From Touching’ signs in front of my circuit parts because many little kids came and fiddled with them. Thankfully they put them back soon after, because I didn’t want to tell them to not touch it, fearing they would think I was mean. I hope everyone who came to my learning centre took something away, because everybody had at least one question. Most people had many more, but I answered every single one to whoever was asking’s satisfaction. Yay.






At the start of eminent, I made some goals, such as researching Steve Jobs’ personality as well as how he is eminent. I think it’s safe to say I accomplished that goal. I discovered that Steve Jobs didn’t have the most charming personality, not at all. He was quite rude and harsh, as long as the work was done. Steve liked his work done as fast as possible. Another goal I made was to stay slightly ahead of the structured ‘due dates’. I sort of accomplished this goal because I either finished ahead of time or directly on time for everything up until the speeches. After that, I only had a few more days to do my learning centre, and I hadn’t started. Over the course of the weekend, I scrambled to put everything together. Next year I will start on my learning centre much earlier than I did this year to avoid last-minute rushes.


There are a few things I’m going to remember from Night of the Notables 2017. The speeches, learning centres, and good atmosphere to name a few. Most importantly, I will remember the grade 10 speeches and the learning centres. The speeches were absolutely phenomenal, and after listening to them, many grade 9’s were like, “Oh god, I think I’m going to start working on my speech right now”. Yeah. Many learning centres were also totally awesome, beyond what I had expected. The tremendous amount of work that would have been put into them was impressive, and they set the standards quite high for us 9’s. Sorry, my bad. They set the standards very high for us 9’s.


There are many people I would like to thank for Night of the Notables. First off, the TALONS teachers. They gave us structured ‘due dates’ and helped us along with our project, telling us what might work well and what might not. They in general made our lives a lot easier. Next, my parents. They helped me with my learning centre and speech, giving feedback to make the speech stronger and more interesting. Lastly, I would like to thank the TALONS class because we all helped each other through eminent, and helped us enjoy the project more. We gave each other feedback for learning centres and speeches on what we thought would work best, and this helped make our projects shine.



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