ZIP Proposal



What are the key elements that make an effective short story?




For my ZIP project this year, I would like to explore the question, ‘What are the key elements that make an effective short story?’ I am very interested in writing fantasy stories, and this way I can write a short fantasy story, which I can make even better by researching the key elements that make a short story effective and interesting for a reader.


Currently, I haven’t really dedicatedly written a story, except for one time last year where we had the month of November to write an 8000 word story. That wasn’t for marks though and back then I wasn’t too interested in story writing either. I do have a creative imagination though, and this will help me with my story.


At the end of ZIP, I hope to know what key elements make the most effective short story, and then develop my research into an actual short story that I will write. I want to be able to develop my research into a story that is effective and interesting for the reader.


During my research, I can look for sources on the internet, and I can also ask you, Mr. Morris. Other resources that can help me with my inquiry could be famous short stories, and I could read them and see what makes them so significant. I could also see what flaws they have to see what kinds of mistakes the authors made, and keep those in mind when I am writing my story. I will research many, many key elements that make an effective short story, and then narrow the list down to the most frequent ones that pop up over and over, and the ones that are most important.


To present my learning to the class, I will read aloud a small segment of my short story to the class, one that shows a few key elements that make the story effective. I will also then ask the class (based on my read-aloud) what elements they picked up from that segment. At the end, I will tell everyone the few most important key elements that make a short story effective.




WEEK 1 (Dec 3 – Dec 9):


Research key elements that make an effective short story


WEEK 2 (Dec 10 – Dec 16):


Continue and complete research, have a short list with the most important elements. Start short story.


WEEK 3 (Dec 17- Dec 23):


Continue short story, finish up draft and give to Mr. Morris or someone for feedback.


WEEK 4 (Dec 24 – Dec 30):


Do good copy of short story


WEEK 5 (Dec 31 – Jan 7):


Polishing and preparing presentation.


WEEK 6 (Jan 8 – Jan 12:




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