How to be a REAL Success Reflection

Throughout the last week, I learned a lot through John Maxwell’s “How to be a REAL Success” lessons. Through the lessons, we learnt that there are 4 key areas to being a REAL success: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership. In order to be successful, you must be able to build relationships with people. If you are unable to build relations with people, then you will struggle to find success in your life, but the most important relationship you have to have is with yourself. Another thing you need in order to be successful is the ability to equip others. This means to be able to recognize the leadership potential in those around you and build on them. You must be able to equip others and take them to a higher level and mould them into your dream team because as I now know, one is too little a number to achieve greatness. The third law is attitude- you must be able to keep a positive attitude with everyone around you, because if you don’t it will rub off on others, leading to an unpleasant atmosphere. Your attitude is a choice, and if you choose to maintain a positive attitude you will find more success. The last law is leadership, because you must be able to lead others to find success. A team can’t go past the leader’s ability to lead, and you should lead from the heart, not the head.


I can use these in my day to day life because I can maintain and build positive relations with my classmates, and equip them to do tasks instead of trying to everything myself. I can also keep a positive attitude with those around me, to keep a friendly and good atmosphere. These will guide me to become a better leader and achieve more success in my life. I can apply these to my Leadership event and In-Depth to achieve more success than I would have without this leadership seminar.


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