PTI Conflict Paragraph

The most significant conflict Junior faces in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is his crisis with his tribe because of the choice Junior makes to go to Reardan. Upon discovering this, many of Junior’s tribemates brand Junior as a traitor and hate him because they think he is betraying them. Thankfully, not all of his tribemates are against him, for example, Eugene who says, “No, man, you’re cool,” when Junior asks him, “Do you hate me, too?” (145). This shows that Eugene is fine with Junior’s decision and respects his bravery. On the other hand, most of Junior’s tribemates totally aren’t fine with Junior’s decision, for example when Junior says, “Mostly they just wanted to remind me that I was a traitor,” to the kids wearing Frankenstein masks that jump Junior (79). Worst of all, Junior loses his best and only friend, Rowdy, when he tells Rowdy that he is going to Reardan. At first, “He coughed and turned away from me,” but then afterwards he yells, “You always thought you were better than me,” and punches Junior in the face (52). This means Rowdy hates Junior for going to a white school and thinks of Junior as a traitor along with many other people. Junior even says that, “[…] I knew my best friend had become my worst enemy,” which shows how Junior understands Rowdy is no longer his friend, because of Junior’s decision to go to Reardan (53). All of this is because of the one choice Junior makes to go to Reardan so he has a more hopeful future. Unfortunately this leads to his tribe branding him as a traitor, because they think Junior is betraying them by trying to be white. None of this is true though, all Junior wants is a better future for himself, and a shot at success.

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