For my first doc of learning, I have chosen to answer the question, “What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.”


A specific source of information that I have found valuable in answering my inquiry question is a website on the internet called The Write Practice. Here is the website:


This website provides five specific tips for “Successful Short Stories”, and tells you some key elements to create a successful short story, which is basically my inquiry question. In order to make sure that the website article was trustworthy and not fake, I looked at who the author was. The author was someone named Emily Wenstrom. After further research, I saw that Emily Wenstrom was a popular freelance writer, content marketing specialist, and copywriter. She has also had eight years of professional marketing experience in journalism, marketing, and public relations. In other words, the website is a reliable source.


The source has proven valuable because it gives me specific key elements that make effective short stories, and my inquiry questions asks for no less. Of course, I will look at other sources and get a broader understanding, but for now this source has helped me very much. The five key tips it provides are: 1) Get right into the heart of the conflict, 2) Share only what’s critical to the moment, 3) Don’t get Artsy, 4) Build to the climax efficiently, 5) Have a clear conclusion. Under each one of these headings they provided brief explanations, which was very helpful rather than just the tips themselves because just the tips can easily confuse someone and lead them the wrong way.