ZIP Doc o’ Learning Numero #2

Question: “Related to your learning evidence, what have you done to make retrieving information easier or more effective in class?”


To make my work more efficient and quick, I email myself links to useful websites on the internet, so I don’t spend too much time searching for another useful source. On my laptop at home, when I find a good website I bookmark it at first, and then when we do ZIP in class I email myself the link for easy access the day before. As for my zip notes, I keep them on a google doc, so I can access them from any device, which also proves very useful and efficient. This way, when I do research in both class and my house, I can easily access my info on any device, which means more time to get work done! I have saved a lot of time with this technique and I will continue to do so to maximize working time.


When I look for a new source, I first quickly skim over the website, then I see who wrote the article/page if the author is provided, just so I can make sure the source is legit and not totally fake. Then if the info seems interesting and trustworthy, I go in-depth and read it, taking notes from the provided information. This is also where I bookmark the website. This way, I can get more effective info than if I had just by reading any old website.

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