ZIP Doc of Learning #3

Question: “Provide a copy/image of your research notes. What concepts in your learning do you now feel you have a solid grasp on? Which ones might be useful to other students in their learning?”


Here are some pictures of my notes:





At this point, I feel I have a solid grasp on the 5 basic elements that make up a short story, as well as many more elements that make up the 5 big ones. There is also the biggest and most important key, which is to WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING YOU ARE INTERESTED IN!!! If you don’t write about something you are interested in, then you won’t put everything you have into the story. Then you have the 5 big elements which are: Character, Setting, Plot, Conflict, and Theme. I researched key elements that made up good basic elements, because without effective basic elements, you can’t create an effective short story. There are many things you should keep in mind, which will help make a short story. So to clear things up, there are 5 big topics (elements) that make up a short story, and there are smaller sub-elements that make up the big ones. So if the smaller sub-elements are great, they will create great big topics, which in turn will create a great and effective short story!!!


If there are other students who are researching a similar topic, I feel like my notes would come in useful to them, because they can look at my notes and see all the important elements I found that make up an effective short story. My notes can save them a lot of time, and they can use them as a reference in their inquiry.



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