ZIP Doc of Learning #4

Question: “Describe the ups and downs you have encountered to date in your inquiry. Specifically, when you were frustrated or struggling in your inquiry, what did you do to address  the situation?”


Currently to date, an up I’ve had is the amount of information I was able to find. Using some valuable internet sources I was able to find lots of information for my project and notes. A down I had was when I was thinking of the story I would write. I got many ideas, and for a few I even started writing the story before I realized I wanted to switch to another idea. After a few days of thinking, I finally settled on an idea. Now I had to think of a structure I would follow. This also took a while, because I kept coming up with different ideas and then ended up scratching them off, since they all had flaws. It was a while until I was able to come up with a structure that I would stick to and use all the way through, and even then I ended up making many tweaks to it as I wrote, improving the structure to better suit my tastes.


When I was struggling to come up with a story idea, I thought about things that interested me. First, I determined that I would write about either fantasy, sci-fi, or both. After that I thought about what I wanted in my story. Action. Action was another one of my favourite genres, so I thought of storylines with either fantasy or sci-fi and action. After lots of trial & error, I came up with the storyline I used to create my short story, successfully making it fantasy and full of action.



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