MSND Act 4 “Lazy” Sonnet Poem















How do our emotions influence our perceptions of the world around us?

In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream we see that our emotions often influence our perceptions of the world around us when Egeus forces Hermia to either marry Demetrius or to die. Egeus is very angry that Hermia loves Lysander, and since Egeus likes Demetrius and not Lysander, he wants his daughter to marry Demetrius, whom Hermia does not love. Because of his revulsion against Lysander, Egeus is overruling his daughters say and ignoring what she wants. This is proven when Egeus says, “Full of vexation come I, with complaint / Against my child, my daughter Hermia. / Stand forth, Demetrius. My noble lord, / This man hath my consent to marry her. / Stand forth, Lysander: and, my gracious duke, / This man hath bewitch’d the bosom of my child: / […] With cunning hast thou filch’d my daughter’s heart” (1.1.25-35). In this quote Egeus very clearly states that he will not let Hermia marry Lysander and he also says that Lysander has basically poisoned Hermia’s heart with lies. Another thing Egeus states is that he comes in frustration and anger, which can cloud his way of thinking. Likewise, Egeus says, “As she is mine, I may dispose of her: / Which shall be, either to this gentleman / Or to her death, according to our law / Immediately provided in that case” (1.1.40-45). In this quote Egeus is saying that he can dispose of Hermia as he likes. I don’t know about old english but in modern english it sounds very much like he thinks of Hermia as a napkin, which can be disposed of at any time after the desired work is done. Moreover, he says that Hermia must die if she doesn’t marry Demetrius, which is very chilling as he seems to have no problem with his daughter being killed. Yikes. Egeus’ anger is preventing him to see the world from Hermia’s point of view, with calmness and coolness.



In-Depth Post #1: An Introduction

For my In-Depth project this year, I have chosen to do 3D modeling and animation. The reason I chose this topic is because I have been interested in modeling and creating 3-Dimensional animations for the past year now. I find it cool how you can create whatever you imagine and even be able to breathe life into that project to make it do WHATEVER you wish it to do. Well, no. Not exactly. I made it sound way too easy there didn’t I? The real process involved is quite complicated, including the tedious modeling, complicated rigging, and then the actual animating itself. By the end of this years in-depth project I hope to be able to model aesthetically appealing and good looking models on my own! I also hope to be able to create simple and entertaining animations that flow nicely. The software I will be using for my modeling is called Blender, and it is a great free program that does exactly what I want plus more!


Here is a link to Blender’s main website:


For my mentorship, I sent emails out to a few animation and 3d design studios in Vancouver, including SONY Pictures Imageworks. Luckily SONY got back to me and there was someone interested in being my mentor, asking for more detail on what was involved. I couldn’t believe my luck!


I replied to SONY, giving them a detailed explanation on what was involved with mentorship, and currently am waiting for another response. Hopefully, they haven’t lost interest because that would be quite unfortunate, because I sent the email last Friday. The reason I didn’t CC Ms. Mulder for the email was because when I first contacted SONY I had no idea we had to CC the email, but now if I have to contact other places I will make sure to do so!


Here are some screenshots of Blender:




And a special pic of a monkey with a flaming head! Well you can’t really see the head but…


And this is my first ever animation of.. well.. nothing really, just a cube spinning around:


(As you can see it isn’t very good and wobbles in the air, but over time I’ll get there!)

Currently, I am learning the basics of the program and can’t wait to get to the fun stuff like modeling and animating, but I know that if I rush I will get much less out of it rather than patiently taking my time.