So far in in-depth, a big problem I encountered for my last blog post was the fact that my mentor was busy and unable to meet, so I couldn’t talk about them for the post. Well… my mentor is still busy with work; they have a huge workload at the moment. This was definitely a problem, so I knew I had to do something about it. Before I found my mentor, I had a potential option in mind, which was my uncle. He has had experience with 3D modeling in the past, and knows how it works very well. Since Greg is busy (my original mentor that works at SONY), for the moment I am going to have my uncle as my mentor; his name is Devarshi. So far my progress is great, and I am currently learning more and more about Blender with every day that goes by, especially with Devarshi’s help and guidance.


Q: What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?


    What went well during our mentoring sessions is how we were able to open up and talk with each other without any problem, and Devarshi was able to provide me with constructive criticism. This is because we know each other well, which enables effective communication skills between us. Devarshi showed me how some of my work would look nicer, and tips on how to improve my work. This consisted of even the slightest stuff, like just a little bit of colour correction to bigger things like adding or completely removing an object from a scene.


Q: What relationship challenges did you face?


    The relationship challenges that we faced was how we weren’t used to this type of environment. What I mean by this is that we aren’t used to the teacher-student environment, where he is trying to teach me something, but it definitely wasn’t that big of a problem, for sure not getting in the way of my learning. We were for sure communicating with each other effectively, and once in a while we even made a joke; this helped make everything seem a lot friendlier and comforting in general, adding to the positivity of the experience. We were very open in our communication, because we knew one another well and were used to talking with each other.


Many times we checked assumptions with each other, for example when I made sure that the H.264 default codec would work and result in a playable video, even though I assumed it would work fine. It turns out that yes, the H.264 codec was the correct one, but still better safe than sorry! Another example was while working on nodes, I checked with Devarshi to see if all the gloss node did was make the material shiny or not, rather than going with my assumption that yes, it did just go shiny. Although the answer was yes, I learned that the gloss node is mostly just used when replicating metallic material, and in other materials the gloss is mixed in with other shaders. We were actually listening to each other, because I followed all the tips I was provided with and edited my scenes according to my mentor. I also asked questions when I was given a suggestion, so I would know why I was being provided the suggestion in the first place. In other words, I checked out assumptions, just like the other question was asking. :)


Q:  What learning challenges emerged?

So far everything has been going very smoothly, but the only challenge I have faced is how long rendering time takes for an animation. In my planet collision animation (posted below), the render time was well over an hour, and the animation was only 8 seconds long, so a short film-type animation may take the whole night. This is probably because I am working on a laptop (MacBook), but it’s not like I have a powerful PC to use, I’ll just have to make-do. Besides, the program runs really smooth! To hold myself accountable for my learning, I show my mentor my latest work and don’t withhold information, because that will just harm me. To hold himself accountable for the learning, Devarshi gives me lots of advice and doesn’t hold back what he has to say, so the learning is all the more.




As I mentioned above in the third question, here is my project of the post, and this is also my biggest project yet! Well it’s only 8 seconds but still… I’m really proud of it!



Well, that’s it for now! Happy Blending!