Socials 17th Century Letter Blog Post

My dear brother Clifford,

I have been very busy the past few days, and I barely managed to scraped up the time to write

this. The farms are currently very busy, and my landlord is pushing me to my limits. Us lower class

folks get all the dirt. We live off of bread and beer, rarely getting our hands on a good piece of

meat or a delicious block of cheese. Just the thought makes my tongue water. My back and arms

are so sore from all the plowing in the fields, but my landlord has no mercy at all. If he sees me

right now writing this letter, he’ll… let’s just not go there. Witch hunts are happening everywhere,

and I honestly feel bad for some of the poor women condemned for something nobody can prove.

That’s just my opinion, I’m too scared to announce it in public as I’ll most likely be hanged along

with the “witches”. Poor ol’ Rebecca was hanged for being a witch the other day, she was a kind

woman who had treated my injuries after a group of merchants thrashed me for no reason. There

was also the time when she treated me for a disease I’d caught, and in my opinion she was no

witch. Whatever, not like I can do anything about it. I can hear faint music coming from the wealthy

town in the lowlands; it looks so pretty compared to these poor highlands I live in, along with the

other low-class people. The poor children here are beginning to follow the life of crime, robbing

houses and places for goods. I don’t blame them, despite the fact the middle and higher-class feel

otherwise. We don’t have any chance of getting back up, getting to middle-class at least, our

dreams are crushed every day. We get punished for choosing to live like this, poor, miserable,

unable to afford many meals. As if. Do they seriously think we want to live like this? Amazing, the

conclusions those ungrateful, snobby, rich folks come up with. Uh-oh, I can hear my landlord

returning, I must go now or I’m done for. I hope we meet soon,


T9 Socials Wheels of Revolution Post



Specific Examples:


Social- After discovering that there was no vengeance from god, the people throughout the country began to lose their belief in the Divine Right of Kings.


Technological- Parliament developed a strategy and created their own cavalry of their own, instructed to stick together after a charge against the Royal troops so they could quickly turn and strike back.


Economical- Farmers began to own more of the land they worked for, which created capitalist farms.


Political- Rump Parliament chose to remove monarchy and the house of lords.


  1. A connection between the English Civil War and our current present era is when the Supreme Court rules out Donald Trump’s decision to ban all refugee programs in the United States, and decline muslim immigration. This is a connection because in the English Civil War, the Parliament rules out the king and makes their own decisions, which is what the Supreme Court did here after deciding that Trump’s actions were very racist and unacceptable. In this scenario, Trump would be King Charles I and the Supreme Court would be Parliament. For older events, the English Civil War is similar to both the French and American Revolutions because in all three, common people fought in the war, in all three a monarchy was overthrown. Additionally, in all three the military leader ended up leading the country afterwards. For example in the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell ended up leading, in the American Revolution it was George Washington, and in the French Revolution it was Napoléon Bonaparte.


  1. My wheel represents justice for the Parliament, whereas things don’t turn out as well for king Charles I. The majority of the country is served justice from the tyranny of Charles I, so for the Parliamentarians and many citizens, the war ends in justice. The conflict is resolved in the end, as Parliament beheads Charles I in the end, putting an end to Charles I’s tyranny. The consequences of the event were both positive and negative. On the positive side, the lower class people were happy as they got more power, farmers were happier as they got more control and power over their land, many people around the country were happy as they got more freedom and didn’t have to pay Charles I’s ridiculous taxes, and lastly Parliament was happy as they won the war and gained more power and control over England. On the negative side, Charles I’s supporters must’ve been sad they lost, and there were over 200,000 casualties that were the result of the conflict, so lots of people lost their loved ones during the English CIvil War.

In-Depth Post #4

The past 2 weeks have been going great, and I am still expanding my knowledge of Blender. Despite the fact we are already at week 7, I still have a lot to learn! I am currently in the middle of a Youtube Blender beginner tutorial series, taught by an expert in Blender that has been using the program for 14 years, believe it or not. His name is Andrew Price (a.k.a. Blender Guru), and you can check out his website here:


He has created a 9-part tutorial series that teaches everyone the basics of Blender, starting with the bare basics and slowly progressing to more complicated subjects like rendering, compositing, and lighting. I have just finished part 4, and I am really enjoying the style the tutorials are taught at. They are easy to pick up on, and entertaining to watch because of the humour incorporated in. The reason I chose to watch this series is because it will boost my learning, as with Blender Guru’s tutorials and all of Devarshi’s help (my mentor), I will learn much more! Speaking of which, here are the questions for this blog post:


  1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?


    So far, my most difficult mentoring challenge has been formally talking to my mentor during our sessions. I know this sounds weird, as my answer to what’s working well is our effective communication with each other, but it can also be a downside as well. This is because it is hard for us to think of the setting at the meetings as mentor-student, since we are used to casually talking with each other. This makes it hard to formally focus on mentoring, and many times it feels awkward to think of my uncle as my mentor. This isn’t too bad though, as it doesn’t interfere with our productivity or how much work we get done, nor does it hinder the quality of our meetings, it’s just one difficult impediment I have faced.


  1. What is working well? Why?


So far, what’s working well is how Devarshi and I are able to communicate with each other very effectively. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the reason behind this is because he is my uncle, and we have communicated with each other a lot in the past. Although it may not seem like much, us being able to communicate effectively enables us to share ideas and give feedback much easier than with someone we didn’t really know. If I was working with a stranger, I am sure I would be a lot more self-conscious and nervous when it came to showing my work.


  1. What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?


    What could be working better is how we could improve our formality during each of our sessions, just like I mentioned in the first question. What I mean by improving formality is small changes such as refraining from making too many jokes, and thinking of the setting as more mentor-mentee rather than nephew-uncle. This is because although there is nothing wrong with an uncle-nephew setting, we can maximize learning in a mentor-mentee environment since that way we focus more on learning from one another and moving forwards, whereas a regular meeting wouldn’t be as educational since everything would be a lot more casual and we might get off-topic quite easily.




Normally, I would insert a mini project here that I completed in Blender, but unfortunately I don’t have anything like that to showcase. What I can do to make it up though, is show you screenshots of a bigger project I’m working on. This bigger project indeed is Blender Guru’s 9-part beginner tutorial series, and I’ve just recently finished part 4. Without further ado, enjoy the pictures!
screen-shot-2018-01-20-at-12-09-29-pm screen-shot-2018-01-20-at-12-09-40-pm screen-shot-2018-01-25-at-7-07-57-pm screen-shot-2018-01-25-at-9-04-19-pm screen-shot-2018-01-26-at-2-20-49-pm

That’s all I have for now,

Happy Blending!