"Everybody knows that the best way to learn is under intense life threatening crisis"

Month November 2018

A Wizard of Earthsea Style Analysis

Question: What stood out the most about Le Guin’s overall writing style in Chapter 1 of the novel?     In Ursula Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea what stands out the most to me in Chapter One is how she… Continue Reading →

Disagreement Blog Post

Statement: A person or thing must have a name to truly exist.   I disagree with this statement because nothing requires a name to truly exist. Names are labels. Nothing more. We use a name to identify people, not as… Continue Reading →

John Maxwell’s 360-Degree Leader Blog Post

I learned a lot from John Maxwell’s “The 360 Degree Leader” lessons, and here I have selected some principles I want to focus on. By improving myself at these, I hope to become an effective 360 degree leader that others… Continue Reading →

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