Question: Record a journal entry of how you used one of our in-class focus blocks. What did you accomplish during that time? What did you struggle with? What might be your next step in your next focus block?


Thursday, January 10th, 2019


Today felt really short, because I spent the block busy trying my hand at text stories. Throughout the period I tried to write my own text story, but I struggled with actually sticking with a topic, because I would start writing something and then suddenly come up with a better idea and then scrap my work so far. If I didn’t come up with another idea, it was still really hard to write a story that I was happy with, because there are a millions of ways you can write the dialogue. A constant issue that kept bugging me is that most people use slang when they write text messages to their friends or whomever. I know that I shouldn’t write with perfect grammar because that wouldn’t be realistic at all, but I also don’t want to completely write in slang either, because that is a little too informal. For example, many times in a sentence I will consider writing ‘u’ or ‘you’, and which sentences I should capitalize and which sentences I shouldn’t capitalize. It’s all about the balance between grammar and slang words, and one thing I now know is that you need to be careful with that balance, tip it too far one way and the story will be unrealistic, tip it the other way and your story will be too informal and take the reader away from the moment.


For my next focus block, I want to look at some popular text stories, and to really analyze the style that they are written with. This information can come in useful, because when I’m writing my own story I can recall back to the elements that made the popular story such a hit, and see if I can incorporate these elements into my story. I also plan on wrapping up my research over the next day, and to actually start getting into the habit of writing these chat stories, so I can gain as much experience and skill as possible.