How many superhero movies have you seen? Every single one of these movies is loaded with special effects, for example the webs Spider-Man uses to swing through the city, and the repulsor blasts Iron-Man fires from his suit. For this year’s in-depth I want to learn how to create visually stunning effects, such as the ones in popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. Here are some examples of effects I would like to learn how to create:

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Why do I want to learn this skill? Over the past year my interest in how movies create all these cool effects is increasing, and now this project is the perfect opportunity to act on my interest and to really get rolling in the art of special effects. Another reason I have for wanting to learn visual effects is because if I become an expert in the area then I can create almost anything I want or imagine. I could add lightning to my touch, fire to my fingertips, or even magic spells to the end of my wand. The possibilities are endless! Additionally, I have grown up watching movies. When I was a child, I would look at all the explosions and laser beams in a movie and wonder how in the world they created such cool scenes. Now the knowledge is within my grasp, and I am so close to creating these effects for myself. The program I plan to use for in-depth is called ‘Hitfilm Express’, and it is a great program to create all the kind of effects I aim to create. You can check their website out here:

By the end of the project I wish to have the skills to create professional-looking effects that look much like those in famous movies. I want to learn some high-level film techniques that are used in large industries, and I want to be able to apply these techniques to create nifty results, such as some from popular movies below:


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As for mentorship, I am planning on consulting with Nathan for the first little bit of in-depth, until I find a professional in the field. I sent emails out to studios nearby in Vancouver, but as of yet I have received no response. If I don’t get any reply back, I plan on asking Mr. Udell, the digital media teacher, to be my mentor for this year’s in-depth. He has been teaching digital media for several years, and I figure he can really help me out by providing useful information.

In the meantime, I am going to introduce myself to Hitfilm, and really become familiar with the program. Once I do that, I will slowly experiment with more and more different techniques that are more and more complex, so I can slowly build my skills up. This is my last year of this wonderful project, so there’s no second chances. This is it; there’s no holding back now. Let’s do this.