"Everybody knows that the best way to learn is under intense life threatening crisis"

Month May 2019

James Douglas: Father of British Columbia

How does one journey thousands of kilometres across the wilderness numerous times, with only the power of their own arms and legs? How does one cope without hot water, shampoo, or bug spray in the mosquito-infested summers, where you are… Continue Reading →

John A. Macdonald: Canada’s Master of Words

Shubham Patel Humanities May 2, 2019   John A. Macdonald: Canada’s Master of Words   People often see others for their negative actions, rather than the positives. Similarly, John A. Macdonald’s racist and harmful policies led many people to see… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #6: The Endgame

In-depth night is approaching faster than ever, and it seems hard to believe that this is my final post for the year. I’m currently in the process of recruiting actors for my trailer and selecting locations to film at. An… Continue Reading →

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