ZIP Proposal



What are the key elements that make an effective short story?




For my ZIP project this year, I would like to explore the question, ‘What are the key elements that make an effective short story?’ I am very interested in writing fantasy stories, and this way I can write a short fantasy story, which I can make even better by researching the key elements that make a short story effective and interesting for a reader.


Currently, I haven’t really dedicatedly written a story, except for one time last year where we had the month of November to write an 8000 word story. That wasn’t for marks though and back then I wasn’t too interested in story writing either. I do have a creative imagination though, and this will help me with my story.


At the end of ZIP, I hope to know what key elements make the most effective short story, and then develop my research into an actual short story that I will write. I want to be able to develop my research into a story that is effective and interesting for the reader.


During my research, I can look for sources on the internet, and I can also ask you, Mr. Morris. Other resources that can help me with my inquiry could be famous short stories, and I could read them and see what makes them so significant. I could also see what flaws they have to see what kinds of mistakes the authors made, and keep those in mind when I am writing my story. I will research many, many key elements that make an effective short story, and then narrow the list down to the most frequent ones that pop up over and over, and the ones that are most important.


To present my learning to the class, I will read aloud a small segment of my short story to the class, one that shows a few key elements that make the story effective. I will also then ask the class (based on my read-aloud) what elements they picked up from that segment. At the end, I will tell everyone the few most important key elements that make a short story effective.




WEEK 1 (Dec 3 – Dec 9):


Research key elements that make an effective short story


WEEK 2 (Dec 10 – Dec 16):


Continue and complete research, have a short list with the most important elements. Start short story.


WEEK 3 (Dec 17- Dec 23):


Continue short story, finish up draft and give to Mr. Morris or someone for feedback.


WEEK 4 (Dec 24 – Dec 30):


Do good copy of short story


WEEK 5 (Dec 31 – Jan 7):


Polishing and preparing presentation.


WEEK 6 (Jan 8 – Jan 12:




Annotated Bi-BLOG-raphy =)


This site provided a nice overview of Steve’s life and helped me with the major events in his life, and lots of new info I could work with.


Again, this site helped me with more major events in Steve’s life and provided some more in-depth information than the previous site.


This site helped me lots with the details on how Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and how he came back, which is very important in his life.


This site helped me with Steve’s death, and the pancreatic cancer that caused in his death, and how Steve tackled this problem.


This site told me about how Steve Jobs started NeXT before he returned to Apple, and it told me of the time before Steve’s legendary return to Apple.


This news article told me all about how Steve Jobs impacted the world with Pixar, and how successful Pixar is today, thanks to Mr. Jobs.


This site told me about how Apple was similar and/or different from Apple 2 years after Jobs’ death, and this helped me with how Apple is faring without Steve Jobs.


This site helped me figure out how exactly Steve Jobs stumbled upon John Sculley, and why John Sculley was chosen to be CEO of Apple.


Kahney, Leander. Inside Steves brain. Portfolio/Penguin, 2012.


This book helped me with how Steve really thought and it went past how we people portrayed him, but I didn’t have enough time to carefully read through the entire thing, so I ended up skimming over it.



Note: I used other sites, but these ones helped me the most

Night of the Notables Document of Learning w/ Reflection

For my first eminent project ever, it definitely wasn’t as stressful and difficult as I had thought. Part of the reason for this may have been because I actually enjoyed myself throughout the project, and I enjoyed learning about Steve Jobs.


First things first, I’ll start with my speech. I am satisfied with my performance, and happy that I was able to get a laugh out of my audience multiple times. However, when I re-watched my own speech through the video taken, I saw that my face was really red due to anxiousness.


Next up, my eminent interview. I was able to interview one of the senior hardware engineers of Apple Inc., who works at Apple’s main office in California: Yindar Chuo. He gave me very useful insight on Mr. Jobs that I didn’t know before. Although I couldn’t directly incorporate the feedback I got to my questions tangibly into my learning centre, I was able to answer many, many more questions people had than I would have if I hadn’t conducted the interview. In the end, I am very happy I was able to get an eminent interview; because of the insight I got into how Steve Jobs and Apple work.


Leading on, now you have my learning centre. I had a poster board with a brief timeline of Mr. Jobs’ life, and pictures decorating the timeline. On the 2 side folds of the trifold board, I had inspirational quotes along with a few other pictures highlighting Steve Jobs. Along with my poster board, I had an iMac, iPad, iPod and iPhone set on display in various areas, but I have to say the iMac caught most of the attention thanks to the large size and sleekness.


Besides the poster board and various Apple products, I had wires, circuit boards, breadboards, and other various circuit components to create the feel of Steve’s garage when Apple Computer was first created. My interactive was a build-a-circuit station where I got people to attempt to create a successful circuit, which you could tell if the LED light turned on. Despite the many people that tried, only 2 prevailed in actually building the circuit correctly, which surprised me, leading me to wonder whether I should do something simpler next year. Last of all I had some printed documents that Steve Jobs wrote, and a pencil and pens lying on the paper to look like he was writing stuff down.


I was very happy that I got lots of people who wanted to look at my learning centre, but I probably should have put up ‘Please Refrain From Touching’ signs in front of my circuit parts because many little kids came and fiddled with them. Thankfully they put them back soon after, because I didn’t want to tell them to not touch it, fearing they would think I was mean. I hope everyone who came to my learning centre took something away, because everybody had at least one question. Most people had many more, but I answered every single one to whoever was asking’s satisfaction. Yay.






At the start of eminent, I made some goals, such as researching Steve Jobs’ personality as well as how he is eminent. I think it’s safe to say I accomplished that goal. I discovered that Steve Jobs didn’t have the most charming personality, not at all. He was quite rude and harsh, as long as the work was done. Steve liked his work done as fast as possible. Another goal I made was to stay slightly ahead of the structured ‘due dates’. I sort of accomplished this goal because I either finished ahead of time or directly on time for everything up until the speeches. After that, I only had a few more days to do my learning centre, and I hadn’t started. Over the course of the weekend, I scrambled to put everything together. Next year I will start on my learning centre much earlier than I did this year to avoid last-minute rushes.


There are a few things I’m going to remember from Night of the Notables 2017. The speeches, learning centres, and good atmosphere to name a few. Most importantly, I will remember the grade 10 speeches and the learning centres. The speeches were absolutely phenomenal, and after listening to them, many grade 9’s were like, “Oh god, I think I’m going to start working on my speech right now”. Yeah. Many learning centres were also totally awesome, beyond what I had expected. The tremendous amount of work that would have been put into them was impressive, and they set the standards quite high for us 9’s. Sorry, my bad. They set the standards very high for us 9’s.


There are many people I would like to thank for Night of the Notables. First off, the TALONS teachers. They gave us structured ‘due dates’ and helped us along with our project, telling us what might work well and what might not. They in general made our lives a lot easier. Next, my parents. They helped me with my learning centre and speech, giving feedback to make the speech stronger and more interesting. Lastly, I would like to thank the TALONS class because we all helped each other through eminent, and helped us enjoy the project more. We gave each other feedback for learning centres and speeches on what we thought would work best, and this helped make our projects shine.



Statement Disagreement Blog Post =)

I disagree most with the statement ‘Pretending to be someone you’re not makes you a weak person’. Acting like another person doesn’t make you weak at all, in fact it causes you to experience things that may be very hard to take in, in which case you have to be strong. Actors pretend to be other people all the time, so are they weak people? Exactly, they aren’t. You can also pretend to be people for your own fun, like dressing up on Halloween in costumes. It’s still not being weak if you are trying to be someone else to hide from yourself, but if this is happening, try to be yourself because you should be proud of who you are. All in all, I highly disagree with this statement.

Eminent Speech Story Arc

My Eminent Person: Steve Jobs

Exposition: Introducing Jobs, started Apple computer in 1976 with Wozniak, huge success


Conflict: Next few Apple products had severe design flaws


Rising Action #1: IBM surpasses Apple in sales


Rising Action #2: Apple releases Macintosh in 1984, but despite positive sales, it’s not IBM compatible


Rising Action #3: CEO John Sculley thinks that Jobs is hurting Apple


Climax: Steve Jobs was fired from Apple


Falling Action #1: Steve Jobs created NeXT Inc, and also purchased an animation company that later became Pixar from George Lucas.


Falling Action #2: Pixar was very successful, netting $4 billion whereas NeXT wasn’t doing so well.
Resolution: Apple bought NeXT in 1996 and Steve Jobs returned as CEO of Apple

Dad Is Dying Blog Response

I think that Sam’s lie positively impacts those around him in the story “Dad is Dying” because when everybody thinks that Dave is dying, they give him compliments and make him feel good, and so he stops worrying about wrinkles and heart rate all the time. Another benefit it made was that it made his dad more cheerful and so Dave and Morley got along much better than before. I don’t think the benefits outweigh the issue of the lie itself, because there was a lot of things that happened that were funny for the reader but would be very embarrassing for Sam and his family, like when Morley said they weren’t going to waste money on a funeral and just dump the body in the backyard. This would be pretty shocking to anyone if they thought Morley was talking about Dave Another example is the time when she said that they were just going to “put him down” and when Bruce stated that it would be mostly Dave’s decision, she said that she could choose for herself and that men didn’t have all the right, to Bruce’s astonishment. This is horrifying to Bruce because he thinks Morley’s talking about putting Dave down without his permission, which would be quite shocking- if I was Bruce I may have even told the police. Also, I think that when everybody really does find out about the lie, they will be very mad at Sam for doing this, and especially the ice cream girl who had been giving him giant ice cream cones. If she found out she would probably want money for the giant cones she had given for free, and she would be pretty mad. I’d be mad if I was her. After all, Sam did use her to get free ice cream. All in all, I don’t think the benefits of the lie outweigh the issue of the lie itself.

Steve Jobs- An Introduction

iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs, MacBooks, and Apple Watches. Who do we thank for all these amazing prized items? That would be Steve Jobs, one of the most creative, visionary entrepreneurs we have seen.


For my grade 9 Eminent project, I have selected Steve Jobs as my eminent person. Those of you that don’t know him, he is the man that co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak. He was adopted as an infant by Clara and Paul Jobs and lived in Mountain View, California- which would later turn into Silicon Valley. When he was young, Steve and his foster father Paul constructed electronics in the garage, and Paul taught Steve how to take apart and reconstruct electronics- much to Steve’s interest. Jobs was a very intelligent and innovative child, but was frustrated over how boring school was. In fact, he scored so well on his testing that he was offered to skip ahead to high school, but his parents didn’t accept the offer.


Later when Steve was in Homestead High School, he met his future partner Steve Wozniak who was attending the University of California, Berkeley. After high school, Steve Jobs went to Reed College in Portland, Oregon but dropped out after only 6 months due to lack of direction. The for the next 18 months he dropped in on creative classes at the school.


In 1974, Jobs took the job of a video game designer with Atari. Around 2 years later when Jobs was only 21, he started the company Apple Computer with Wozniak in Jobs’ family garage. After that, the duo had lots of success, and in 1980 they became a publicly traded company with a market value of 1.2 billion at the end of it’s first day of trading. Now Steve Jobs wanted for the marketing expert John Sculley to take over as CEO of Apple.


Over the next little period of time, Apple’s products suffered severe design flaws, and consumers were very disappointed. They were soon surpassed by IBM, and despite the release of the Macintosh in 1984, but although it had positive sales, it still wasn’t IBM level. Sculley began to think Jobs was hurting Apple, and the company’s executives began to cross him out. Jobs left Apple in 1985 to start a new company called NeXT Inc. The year after that Jobs bought an animation company from George Lucas, which later became Pixar Animation Studios.


The following year when Apple wasn’t doing so great, Jobs returned as the CEO and put Apple back on its successful track, with ingenious products such as the iMac, that caught the eyes of consumers once more.


Jobs discovered he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer- a neuroendocrine tumor., which was quite rare but operable. Instead of immediately treating the cancer, Jobs altered his pescetarian diet- which is vegetarian but with seafood. Jobs postponed surgery for 9 months, and then in 2004 he had a successful surgery to remove the tumor. After that Jobs launched revolutionary products such as the Macbook Air, the iPad, the iPod, etc.


Unfortunately Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011 due to a relapse of his previously treated pancreatic cancer, and the world lost a great man.


I hope to learn a lot more about Steve Jobs from this in-depth eminent project, and to dive into the deeps of his lie rather than wade around in the shallows. We both have shared an interest in technology and programming, although I am definitely not as skilled as Steve Jobs is. I have been interested in Jobs’ life for quite a while now, and how he was fired from Apple, but returned as the CEO to bring the company back on track. I am a big fan of Apple products, and I feel excited to get to know more about Jobs. Honestly, I don’t see myself following a similar path because I think there’s no way I’m going to be that successful in my life, and I don’t think I’m going to make a company that sells devices in the future either, but I think I will dig deeper into the area of technology and attempt to create something new. I don’t really see obstacles that block me from achieving such eminence, it’s just the immense amount of work it would take. This study will give me a greater insight on how Jobs went through all of this and came out so successful.


Shubham Patel Steve Jobs
Male Male
Indian Caucasian
Not Adopted Adopted
Interested in programming Interested in programming
Hasn’t made a company Made one of the biggest companies in the world
Financially privileged Financially privileged
(Hopefully)Not going to be a college/university dropout College dropout
Wants to know a lot about computers Knows lots about computers
Grew up in Canada Grew up in the USA
Hasn’t been bullied Bullied in grade 6 for being ‘odd’
Not a Zen Buddhist Was a Zen Buddhist


I Dare You To Solve This (Betchya Can’t)

I talk, but I do not speak my mind
I hear words, but I do not listen to thoughts
When I wake, all see me
When I sleep, all hear me
Many heads are on my shoulders
Many hands are at my feet
The strongest steel cannot break my visage
But the softest whisper can destroy me
The quietest whimper can be heard.


What am I?